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Electric Mosquito Bite Antipruritic Device Mosquito Bite Relief

Electric Mosquito Bite Antipruritic Device Mosquito Bite Relief

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1. The shell material is ABS engineering plastic, ceramic material purchased from the physiotherapy head.
2. The design of the antipruritic device is very light and portable. The insect bite neutralizer is small in size and light in weight. It is suitable for family, travel and outdoor use.
3. Put them in backpacks, first aid kits, fishing tackle boxes, saddlebags, medicine cabinets and travel kites, suitable for any outing and camping.
4. The adjustable level of the antipruritic instrument has 5 levels of settings. Children are the first level, and adults are the second and third levels. The level can be increased or decreased according to the effect.
5. The anti-itch neutralizer has fever and itching properties, so you can say goodbye to the traditional pungent smell.

Material: ABS engineering plastics, ceramic material purchased from physiotherapy head
Weight :70g
Safety device: requires 2 x AA batteries

Package Content:
1 x Antipruritic Device


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